How to Join Immediately

Contains information regarding New Brodgar and how we are organized.
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How to Join Immediately

Post by Robben DuMarsch » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:46 pm

Are you looking for basic information about our guild? Click this link.

How to Join Immediately

1. Join our Discord and ask for help, via text chat in our public channel, if you need additional assistance. Please make your discord name the same as your Main Character (Invite -
2. Reply to -->this linked thread<-- with the template at the bottom of this post.
3. OPTIONALLY: Send an email to with a link to the reply that you made in Step #2, in order to speed up your placement onto our census.
4. Register an account on this forum using the same name as your main character*.
5. Travel to New Brodgar, and begin to develop your basic skills.
6. Once you see your name on our census, feel free help out by taking jobs on our job board.
Follow this linked guide to figure out how to get credit for completion of jobs, once you've been added to the Citizen list on the census, and given board access.

Template for Step #2

My Primary Official Forum Account:
Main Character*:
Alternate Character(s)*:
Discord Nickname:

* First and last names please.

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